Wednesday, 23 May 2007

An Open Letter to His Excellency, Hugo Chavez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

PROFESSOR HOVHANNESS I. PILIKIAN, B.A. in Eng. Lit. (American Uni of Beirut),
B.Sc. Hons. in Psych. (OU), M.A. in Soc. Anth. (SOAS),
Gulbenkian Foundation Scholar in Econ. (LSE) (London Uni),
D.A.A.D-Fellow (Uni of Munich), D.G.G.B,
Dip. Th. Pr. (RADA), Cert. Hum (Open),
Adamian Award (Ministry of Culture – A.S.S.R.), F.R.A.I.

Contr. Encyclopaedia Britannica

31st December 2006

His Excellency
Hugo Chavez
President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Dear and Precious President Chavez
Potential Saviour of the whole world

Your electoral victory was not only the best, but the greatest news at the dawn of a New Year – the wisdom of your people is an example to the rest of the world.

You are presently – alone among the rest of the world leaders – uniquely honest, with clean hands whiter than the snow, and passionately devoted to the truth, and the poor, that constitute the vast oceanic majority of the peoples of the world – compared with you, most rulers (with exceptions like Fidel Castro of course) emerge as liars, thieves and murderers.

I appreciate that the burden on your shoulders to pull your own Venezuelan people out of poverty and centuries of capitalist colonialist exploitation is too heavy for any human being to bear.

But the national interest of the Venezuelan people cannot be and is not in conflict with that of mankind – today threatened by Global Warming, as a direct result of imperialist globalization = the post-modern camouflage for inhuman exploitation of mass labour, diagnosed classically by Karl Marx more than 150 years ago.

The only resistance possible to this new form of imperialist capitalism I call Mafia Capitalism [under the auspices of the US government-ran Mafia, with its massive billions of blood-money from drugs and prostitution infecting the global money-markets], is to unite the mass resistance of the exploited Poor of the world. Leon Trotsky’s concept of world-revolution may yet come true … The Pimps of global Mafia Capitalism treat our planet as no more than a money-making whore.

Your own truth and compassion, precious President Chavez, shall indeed give you the strength to carry even more burdens (as Jesus, the Man, did) – the mission to save this planet and its life and mankind from the brutal and barbaric rape of capitalist killers.

Mankind today needs a humane individual of power who can save us and our planet. Time is ripe for an important government like yours to adopt a single-issue policy of reversing the global warming.

You must, and you can – you are the only chance and hope left to mankind – with your access to power and resources mandated to you by your own people – to save the life of this planet from the greatest single danger hanging on our heads.

The world is sinking … we do not have much time left. Governments are lying pretending otherwise, leaders burying their heads in the sand and showing their filthy asses to the Lord above … who shall not save them, not to exonerate their evil deeds of man’s inhumanity to man.

How could a good God forgive the 20th century, which has been a hundred years of the most genocidal yet in History, killing perhaps two hundred million ordinary good people of all colors and faiths – with 2 world wars, the first triggered by the genocide of my own people – the Armenians, and the second, the genocide of the Jews, 2 atomic bombs (on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Apartheid in South Africa producing gold for Britain on the dead bodies of Black miners, Korean War, the unforgivable Vietnam War whereby the US military ravaged even Vietnam’s Nature, let alone its people, raped Cambodia to give birth to the monstrous Khmer Rouge devouring its people, destroyed most of South America (Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile … in your front-yard!), massacres in Indonesia, East Timor, Yugoslavia, now in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon … The Turkish fascist State has just renewed its genocidal war on the much-massacred Kurds. No government anywhere in the world can match the massive record of the American governments for crimes against humanity, documented by Professors Noam Chomsky and Frederick Gareau. Any wonder then that the world hates American governments, which represent the mad killers of the CIA and not the ordinary good people of the United States. The CIA is the world’s number one terrorist organization that has murdered a thousand and one great popular leaders from Patrice Lumumba of Congo to President Allende of Chile, tried a hundred
times and failed thank god to kill your friend Castro, and now Your Excellency.

Think of yourself, dear President Chavez, as a second Noah – and the building of the Ark shall be your practical policies to find practical solutions to reverse the damage done to the world’s climate by asinine colonialist rapists.

I suggest that your Bolivarian Republic becomes the paradigm for the rest of the world to follow, and join YOU, in truly new thinking, new politics, and new policies, entirely guided and dedicated to saving your country and the world from global warming.

I suggest that for your internal national policies you adopt Hydrogen-technology with practical solutions of great economic consequences.

For example, no car is safe beyond the speed of 60 miles an hour – I know this truth, because my ‘Confucian’ father named Israel (a survivor of the genocide of the Armenians by Ottoman Turks) was a mechanical engineer and he advocated a speed limit of no more than that – something achievable within even clean electrical technology.

The desire for car-speeds beyond that limit is sheer human stupidity typical of the rich – the main polluters of this world.

Let imperialists mess about with pathetic Carbon Trading, let your Venezuela be the first in the world to practice 60 m an hour speed-limit – cars manufactured with such a specification – to save human life, not only from intolerable road accidents, but of course to reduce CO(2) pollution. With such a speed-limitation on manufactured cars, the poor in your country shall have no more reason to envy or imitate the foolish rich …

For the poor masses – give every poor man a … bicycle [made in China?] free, as a gift from your government, to teach the whole world [including your Chinese friends] the virtues of non-polluting rational behaviour.

Another economic idea – Create factories in Venezuela for producing biodegradable plastic bags – plastic wrappers provide the best hygienic means for trading goods (as in food-production) – but only if they are biodegradable. Plastic is a petroleum product, and Venezuela, as a huge oil-producer, can corner the global markets in the provision of disposable shopping-bags.

As for your Foreign policy - let your government be the first in the world devoted totally to the single-issue of saving our planet, reversing the damage done to its life by centuries of continuous imperialism – The whole world shall love and adore and support you for it.


[1] As a matter of immediacy and urgency, commission and publish a scientific research through known statistical information about the irreversible damage modern air-warfare does to the world’s climate – the countless bombing sorties perpetrated by modern US and Brfitish military aircraft (since the 2nd World War) on defenceless nations can be quantified, and I am certain, will horrify the world when shown that they pollute the air we breathe more than a million cars for a month … such a study of the harmful effects on the planet of modern technological warfare will force an immediate ban on all warmongeringmankind shall finally be able to force the imperialist killers to finally stop all wars, only and only (if nothing else but) to reverse global warming.

Global Warming can only be reversed if all wars are stopped globally immediately. Armed with such a published report based on pure science, people everywhere shall rise up in Trotskyite revolution to force their governments to stop warmongering.

Mankind’s socialist dream of Peace shall finally be a necessity of planetary survival.

[2] You can invite the world’s leading scientists (from America to China) to form a committee under your chairmanship in Caracas, with the single purpose of finding advanced technological solutions to the world’s problems caused by the capitalist pollution of the world’s climate.

[3] Then invite the population of the whole world to define problems and propose solutions, which can then be submitted to your committee of world-scientists for practical realization.

[4] Invite all educational institutions in the world (all schools and universities) to run projects defining problems and thinking-up solutions to Global Warming.

For example, patching up the enlarging Ozone hole – as a sock is darned by a loving peasant wife, so can the destroyed ozone layer be perhaps patched up by releasing massive quantities of ozone in a scientifically controlled manner into the atmosphere.

Why you alone in the present world, Precious and Priceless President Chavez, can do this?

Because, no capitalist imperialist killer – most prime-ministers and presidents of the world today – is capable of such a noble humane action.

I am not religious, but metaphorically speaking, Jesus Christ, with his divine powers could become a … billionaire and rule the world just as the imperialist Satan had tempted him with.

But because Jesus was a … Communist [“the first communist in the world” my own wise father used to tell me], Jesus Christ chose to help the exploited, the poor and the meek, ravaged by Satan – the first globalizing colonialist.

Only and only a Marxian Socialist or a true Communist would possess the humanity and truth to save life – For the capitalist swine, war and murder is the easy path to Big Bloody Money.

Your wise policy of developing brotherly relations with the Chinese Communist Party leaders is vital for your personal defence against the satanic US government murderers. Sustained by the support of the Communist Chinese government, you shall be able to safely sail your Noah’s ship to world peace and clean air.

You shall finally achieve what the best of human beings in History (like Confucius, Jesus Christ, Simon Bolivar, Karl Marx, and Engels, and Lenin, Lumumba, Castro and Che Guevara ...) could only dream of and fight for to the last of their breath.

To conclude – There is absolutely no alternative to the socialist principles of the French Revolution – Fraternity-Equality-Liberty – to save the world from the global holocaustal warming or climate change.

And the first step is to stop all wars immediately globally as the worst atmospheric pollutant.

That would be the foundation stone to begin the building of a humanist-communist paradise, in clean air, here on this planet Earth = the ancient dream of Marxist … Judaism.

And YOU shall become the Messiah mankind has been waiting for …

Yours truly

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian.
22nd May 2007


Gossip said...

Fine words by Professor Pilikian but is Chavez such a spotless soul, I hope so. You have some interesting ideas for making the world a better place, where can I read more of your material, are you published?

Maranda Braithwait

WomenAgainstWar said...

What a letter, it is time someone spoke up. I am tired of the global filth. America has turned our world into a giant dustbin, while they fatten their pockets and guts at our expense.
Generations to come have no real chance of survival. LONG LIVE HUGO CHAVEZ...

We must talk and correspond. Your ideas are most inspiring.

Fatima Boobra

Rushna said...

We are all human and errarum humanum est; I sincerely hope and pray that H. Chavez brings prosperity to his people as he has proposed and may the Universe conspire in his favour and guide him!

Been busy with revision Hovhanness but will get in touch as soon as it is all done!

Rushna W.

pandorawithouthope said...

Oh wow what powerful sentiments!
However I have certan reservations regarding whether it is possible to transcend the gulf between capitalism in all its forms and the alternatives. Can the aspirations be met, when structural interdependeincies (including political systems) militate against the pursuit of 'alternative' ideals?
Finally what do we make of those currently demonstrating in President Chavez own country regarding the closure of a media company (or is it just an ugly rumour...)

Tom Usher said...

Hello H.I. Pilikian,

Jesus is a communist. He is also a pacifist. In fact, one cannot truly be one without being the other. Anything else is hypocritical.

God bless,

Tom Usher